Deluxe Dry Cleaners Standard Turnaround Times

This table will list our turnaround times on different items cleaned at our facilities. Please note that items that are soiled or require stain removal might need additional days. From time to time we do call customers requesting extra time. As well items that are primarily white in colour can take longer as white "shows stains" more than other colours.

 Item for CleaningTime Required to Clean 
 Standard Items (Business wear)Same Day if available or 1-2 Days 
 Outerwear (Coats/Jackets)2-3 Days 
 Wedding Dresses1-2 Weeks 
 Household Cleaning (bedding/linens)3-4 Days 
 Formal Wear (Prom Dresses/Gowns)4-7 Days 
 Leather, Suede & Furs1-2 Weeks 
 Drapery4-7 Days or 1 Day On-site cleaning 
 Speciality Items/Misc (Hats/gloves/Etc)1 Week 
 Soiled/Stained or White Coloured 2-3 Days

We do offer Same Day Dry Cleaning on our Standard Items. Please refer to our Rush/Express Order page for more information and to find out if Same Day Dry Cleaning fits your needs.