Updated April 29, 2022 

Rush Orders

At Deluxe Dry Cleaners we understand that our customers sometimes require a quick turnaround on their dry cleaning! Although we always recommend leaving our dry cleaner with the most time available as this allows him a better advantage for stain removal we do offer "Same Day" and "Next Day" services at some of our locations. 

These services are offered on "Regular Dry Cleaning" (everyday clothing both business and personal) and do not apply to most specialty items, soiled/stained garments, or white garments

Please Note: Same Day Items are processed within one day. Because of this we cannot guarantee stain removal on these items. 

Same Day  Service (Monday-Friday)
Offered on Regular Dry Clean items at the following locations

 Location Service
 101 Ilsley Avenue Same Day Service Available until 10 am (Monday-Friday)

NOTE: While we always try and follow our turnaround times there are instances where we might require more time to clean an item due to staining or unforeseen circumstances. As well we do not guarantee that orders will be back to the location at the exact specified time. Traffic or weather can delay delivery times.